July 30, 2014

Harry Norman News

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10 Investment Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

1. View the home as a form of recreation, not an investment. If you buy one, make sure, above all, that this is a house and an area you enjoy. It will be worth the cost if you spend as much time … [Read More...]

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Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do in a Weekend

Replacing the tile or refinishing the tub can be major bathroom projects, even for accomplished do-it-yourselfers. But when it comes to adding style and pizzazz, it can take just a few good ideas and … [Read More...]

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Create a Perfect View with the Perfect Patio Door

It's the time of year to get outside, dine on the deck, bask in the backyard or relax on the patio. Is your home ready for summer entertaining or is it time for a remodeling or replacement project? … [Read More...]


An Island in the Sun: The Dream of Buying Paradise

Imagining being somewhere else lately? A place where noises like paper shuffling and tap-tapping of keyboards are replaced with exotic bird songs and gently lapping waves. A place so remote, your cell … [Read More...]

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Sell Quickly with Owner’s Suite Upgrades

All signs point to a recovering real estate market. Experts say more inventory will be available and buyers will have an easier time getting mortgages, all of which means more competition among … [Read More...]

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Five Ways to Make Your Entryway Grand

 Most people enter their homes through the garage or backdoor, forgetting how the front entrance looks to neighbors and guests. Your front door is often the first thing others notice about your home. … [Read More...]


June Agents of the Month

Congratulations to our June Agents of the Month! … [Read More...]